Volunteering Application Form

Please Complete the following form below.

We welcome the dedication and contributions of volunteers by giving your commitment, time and skills to the various programs undertaken by the organization, you will gain valuable experience, develop strong relationships within the nonprofit field.
I, hereby grant permission and agree to engage in voluntary activities with The Moroccan Assoication of Toronto, a registered non-profit organization. By proceeding with this volunteering commitment, I acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Volunteer Role: I understand that I will be serving as a volunteer for The Moroccan Assoication of Toronto. I will perform the duties and responsibilities assigned to me by the organization's staff or designated supervisors.

Commitment: I commit to dedicating my time and effort as a volunteer as agreed upon. I understand that punctuality, regular attendance, and a sincere effort to fulfill my duties are essential to the success of the organization's initiatives.

Confidentiality: I acknowledge that during my volunteering activities, I may have access to confidential information, both related to the organization's internal operations and any beneficiaries it serves. I agree to maintain the confidentiality of such information and not to disclose it to any unauthorized individuals.

Liability Waiver: I understand that volunteering involves inherent risks, and I agree to hold [Non-Profit Organization Name] harmless from any liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other harm that may arise during the course of my volunteer activities.

Code of Conduct: I will adhere to the organization's code of conduct, which includes treating all individuals with respect and maintaining a positive and collaborative attitude towards fellow volunteers, staff, beneficiaries, and members of the community.

Photographs and Media: I grantThe Moroccan Assoication of Toronto the right to use any photographs, videos, or other media taken during my volunteering activities for promotional or informational purposes.

Termination: I understand that my volunteer engagement may be terminated by either party at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice.

Health and Safety: I will comply with all health and safety guidelines provided by [Non-Profit Organization Name] to ensure the well-being of myself and others involved in the activities.

Minors: If I am under the legal age of consent in my jurisdiction, I confirm that I have obtained appropriate parental or guardian consent to engage in volunteer activities.

Changes to Agreement: I acknowledge that The Moroccan Assoication of Toronto reserves the right to update or modify this agreement at their discretion. Any changes will be communicated through their official communication channels.

By proceeding with my volunteer activities, I affirm that I have read and understood the terms outlined in this agreement and that I am participating as a volunteer willingly and voluntarily.
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