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Do you want to have more engagement with AMDT? Exclusive access to private events and voting within our board? You can sign up as a member now to get access to these privileges and more! Contact us by calling, emailing or filling out our form. 


Considering joining our passionate community of volunteers. Together, we can transform our community, nurture hope, and leave a lasting legacy of positive change. Step into the world of purpose-driven volunteering today, and let your compassion ignite a brighter future for all. Click, connect, and become a changemaker! Contact us by calling, emailing, or filling out our form.


As our community grows, our association will go through challenges and endeavors. Your donations will play a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable Moroccan community in The city of Toronto. Your donation serves as a lifeline for our team, propelling them forward in their noble pursuit of positive transformation. Embrace the opportunity to be a driving force for good—donate to AMDT today and become an agent of change. Contact us by calling, emailing, or filling out our form.

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As a trailblazing nonprofit organization, we are driven by a bold vision to create lasting positive change in the world. To amplify the impact of our mission and broaden our endeavors, we invite visionary sponsors to join us on this transformative journey. By partnering with Us, you become an integral force in creating a better community. Together, we can leave a lasting legacy of compassion, hope, and progress. Let’s embark on this empowering journey hand in hand. Contact us today to explore the boundless possibilities of our partnership.

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